Lithium titanate battery related companies in the United States and China

Lithium titanate battery related companies in the United States and China

Lithium titanate battery related companies in the United States and China

American Austrian Titanium

American Austrian Titanium is still in a leading position in the manufacture of large-scale lithium titanate batteries in the world, and has solved the so-called “flatulence” problem. At present, its fourth-generation 65A·h single-cell lithium titanate battery has been used in energy storage systems, and there is still no obvious capacity degradation after tens of thousands of cycles at 65°C.

In terms of the application of lithium titanate battery system, the hybrid electric bus provided by Austrian Titanium for California, USA, has been put into operation in 2008, and its fuel economy index is 106.4kg/L, which is much higher than the 23.8kg/L of ordinary diesel generators. The company provided a 1MW storage system for the Hawaii Institute of Natural Energy’s 10.5MW wind farm and connected it to the local power grid, as well as a three-year technical support service. This lithium titanate battery energy storage system is mainly used to regulate the voltage fluctuation of renewable energy and control the load change rate of the unit within 1MW/min.

Austrian Titanium’s 1MW large-capacity high-power energy storage unit is currently the only large-capacity lithium titanate battery product in the US power grid that has passed more than two years of on-site commercial operation and performance and quality inspection. The number of cycles of the energy storage system exceeds 500,000, the total charge and discharge power exceeds 3300MW·h, the system capacity loss is less than 2%, and the power has no obvious attenuation.

Lithium titanate battery related companies in China

In recent years, the technology and performance of lithium titanate batteries in China have not been far behind that of other countries. Lithium titanate batteries have been localized and gradually used in the field of new energy vehicles. Chinese companies that can produce lithium titanate batteries mainly include Huzhou Weihong Power Co., Ltd., CITIC Guoan Mengguli Power Technology Co., Ltd., Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy Co., Ltd., and Tianjin Gateway Power Industry Co., Ltd. Batteries are mainly used in fast-charging pure electric buses, plug-in hybrid electric buses, etc.

1. Huzhou Weihong Power

Huzhou Weihong Power, which deployed lithium titanate earlier, put fast charging technology into commercial operations in 2011. After experiencing LPCO (developed in 2003) and PLTO (developed in 2009) lithium titanate battery technology, in 2013, Weihong Power launched the second-generation fast charge battery LPCO lithium battery with an energy density of 120W·h/kg;

The new generation of fast-charging pure electric passenger car batteries launched in 2015 has achieved three indicators of 10~15min full charge, a single charge of 300km and a synchronized life of the battery and the body;

The fast-charge battery products launched in 2017 have an energy density of up to 170W·h/kg while maintaining the characteristics of fast charging and long life. In the future, Weihong Power plans to launch 230W·h/kg and 300W·h/kg fast charge battery products.

2. Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy

Zhuhai Yinlong’s current mass-produced lithium titanate battery products include 20A·h and 65A·h soft pack batteries, and 25A·h, 30A·h and 55A·h cylindrical batteries. The performance index has reached the lithium titanate battery produced by American Austrian Titanium. The battery has more than 16,000 cycles of 100% DOD, and 1.6 million cycles of 10% DOD. These batteries have been tested by a third party. Fast charging and discharging is the core advantage of Yinlong lithium titanate battery. The charging rate is 6C, it can be fully charged in 6 minutes, and the cycle is as high as 20,000 times. In addition, Yinlong lithium titanate battery can work normally in the environment of -50~60℃.

In terms of application, Yinlong’s new pure electric buses use cylindrical, long-life, and fast-charge-discharge lithium titanate batteries. The driving range can reach 30~80km, and the fast charging only needs 6~10min. It can also be fully charged by slow charging at night for 30~60min. This series of models has been put on public transport systems in Zhanjiang, Guangdong, Handan, Hebei, and Shijiazhuang. Yinlong’s antique pan-dang vehicle specially designed and developed for Beijing Public Transport was put into commercial operation in September 2014. In the energy storage market, Yinlong has undertaken 863 national energy storage projects in cooperation with the State Grid and China Southern Power Grid respectively, and provided partial modules, battery box design and system solutions of two 2MW·h and one 600kW·h lithium titanate systems for Zhangbei Fengguang storage and transmission demonstration station and Shenzhen Baoqing battery energy storage station respectively.

Lithium titanate battery related companies in the United States and China
Zhuhai Yinlong New Energy

3. Tianjin Gateway

In 2012, Tianjin Gateway Power Industry Co., Ltd. obtained the transfer of the lithium titanate battery production technology from American Austrian Titanium, and combined its own technology accumulation in the production of polymer soft pack power batteries for many years, and it has unique characteristics. Successfully solved the problem of flatulence, and has the technology and ability to mass produce large-size single lithium titanate batteries. The valley weight of the battery reaches 60A·h, and the shipment weight is 2000 force A·h. The battery can withstand continuous charging and discharging above 10C, with a life span of more than 20,000 times, and a temperature range of -40 to 60°C. It is mainly used in fast-charging buses and frequency-modulated energy storage power stations.